Photo of the Day: Focus on the Moment

There is nothing with such stark a connection between the power of the moment and the lack of power of the resulting photography as someone giving a heartfelt speech at a podium. I sometimes mix it up with freelensing because it’s hard, and thus rare, and it sticks in corporate clients’ minds who haven’t seen it before. I know my buddy Sam Hurd likes to do this in the DC press pool, and gets a lot of strange stares. Sorry for any bad influence, Sam.

Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.4D
Camera: Nikon D3s

john patrick - Ryan – great moment – very decisive and your free lensing is just another example of your killer skillz

Ahmed Eid - Nice shot.
Why is it when I hover over the image it says 50mm f1.2 but the real lens used was Nikon 85mm f1.4?


Jamie M Swanson - The really amazing thing to me is how WELL you freelens. Seriously awesome. Makes me just a tiny bit jealous. ;)

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George L. Koroneos - How did you get him to stand still for 30-seconds? This shot seems impossible.

Jason - Why the D instead of the G lens?

Ryan Brenizer - You need an aperture ring to freelens without modding.

Ryan Brenizer - Freelensing breaks EXIF.

Sam Hurd - this is why i decided to pass on the 85 1.4 G. i love freelensing, and it’s an awesome way to differentiate yourself from other press photogs who are glued to their zooms.