Ting and Weiji: New York Botanical Gardens Wedding

I’ve put in my time at the Ivy Leagues, so when I say a couple is frighteningly educated I mean it. I think Ting and Weiji have 57 degrees between them, at rough count. Their wedding at the New York Botanical Gardens was perfectly tailored to their personality and the sunny, warm daytime feeling. Instead of a simple DJ or band, there were dance lessons in Argentinian tango, a cross-table trivia game, and board games aplenty. I can safely say these are the best Jenga photos of my career.

At every stage their wedding was helped along by friends, from the dance instructors to the musicians and officiant, showing the connections they’ve formed together in their travels and considerable charity work, giving the day a blessedly stress-free, low-key feeling. Congratulations!

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The New PocketWizard Frontier

A little news for the photographers among you: I was recently honored to be a beta tester for the new Nikon-compatible line of PocketWizards. As someone who loves to use off-camera flash, but also loves high-speed-sync (Nikon calls this Auto FP), I was really excited.

While it was fun having secret special status, I’m even happier to say that the latest beta period didn’t last long. The engineers were happy with latest developments, and they’re shipping out now, primarily to Europe. I haven’t tested the latest iteration yet, but I should get a chance soon.