Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You can always count on the Adirondacks for a White Christmas. I’m spending Christmas Day the way I spent my year — travelling and processing photos, since there are some fantastic end-of-season weddings left to show you. 2010 was truly a fantastic year, blessed with a wonderful girlfriend, my fantastic friends and family, and sharing so much with so many wonderful clients. Also, I’m more than a little thankful that tomorrow I am headed to spend the New Year in Tuscany and Florence.

And there are good things to come in 2011, such as a big lecture at DWF in San Antonio, something fun I’m throwing together for WPPI in Las Vegas, and finally having time to do some personal work that I storyboarded way back in June.

Have a great rest of the year!

Lara Eichhorn - I’m processing photos today too. Nice to be able to catch up for once. Merry Christmas, Ryan! Have a great trip. Sounds like 2011 is going to be exciting.

Dennis Pike - I spent my christmas in the frozen north as well. Looks very familiar

Brendan McGinley - Merry Christmas, buddy.