Photo of the Day: New York is Greener Than You Think

… at least if you go off the beaten path. This couple had recently gotten married in Australia, so they wanted a more casual shoot on their honeymoon. Hard to believe this is the middle of Manhattan.

22 shots with the 85mm f/1.4G.

Eric Kotara - Wow, 22 shots, that’s incredible! Now I am curious about the file size you ended up working with :) Great work, Ryan.

Joseph Yarrow - Not that I’ve ever visited NYC, but I’d never believe this is in the middle of it all!
Amazing Ryan. Wonderful shot and great Brenizering.

Rich Park - wow, that does NOT look like NYC – great shot!

Joshua Gull - Never would have pegged that for NY Ryan. Amazing shot!

Ben Godkin - Magic!

Brendan McGinley - You’re being modest. There literally was a beaten path 10 feet behind the camera.

Alex Suarez - Superb!

22 shots? Could you share a bit about how you processed those 22 shots into this one image, please? TIA!