Family Photos in an Urban Playground

I had a wonderful time at Allie and Vilas’ wedding, especially with the constant entertainment of Vilas’ adorable, energetic neice and nephews, so I was thrilled to get a call from his brother to do a family shoot. As I said in the preview, as someone who grew up in a forest essentially like Huck Finn, I’m always fascinated to see how excellent, personable well-adjusted kids can make the city their playground, from games of tag on cobblestone streets to energetically relating about the times they’ve seen a rat. Of course, there’s a bit more culture in TriBeCa than in the forest — my main exposure was trying to stay up late to watch Airwolf.

I had a great time shooting this family, and keeping up with them meant I didn’t have to go to the gym for about three days.

Photo of the Day: Gone De-fishing

I don’t often work in extreme wide-angles, but sometimes it’s a great change in perspective. And there are few wide-angle lenses as crazy as taking a fisheye lens, in this case the Nikon 16mm, and “defishing” it in software. In terms of this lens, I’ve found that Lightroom 3 actually does a better job of getting it perfect than Nikon’s own software.