Leila and Sam: New Leaf Cafe Wedding

Leila and Sam’s wedding at the New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park was marked by incredible taste, simple but elegant, and a welcoming, low-key attitude that permeated the entire day. I don’t usually go nuts over details, as the true beating heart of weddings for me are people and the way they connect to each other, but her individualized centerpieces went straight into my “take note for future wedding” brain compartment.

It was a gorgeous day, with twilight coming in over the Hudson river. One thing I love about word-of-mouth referrals is seeing some of the same crazy, awesome guests from previous weddings, and there were hams aplenty in the crowd.

Fantastic day.

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33 thoughts on “Leila and Sam: New Leaf Cafe Wedding”

  1. Oh my goodness… that second shot with the bride’s face in focus in the mirror, and the buildings in the background in focus in the background… it is amazing. (Tilt-shift?) The details you caught in this wedding are awesome too.

  2. I love those two photos from the first look – those are photos that their grandchildren will really enjoy seeing. A lot of connection and warmth comes through.

  3. ARe you doing something different to your b/w’s R. Brenz? I like these, they look more dramatic than normal!

    And glad you are ok. Not as glad that there’s no video of it :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall Ryan, but kudos all round for getting up and kicking some ass as usual. Some of my favorite images from you right here on this post!

    Well done.

  5. I love how you frame your subjects using different elements. That shot of the old man holding the phone to his ear is brilliant. I think that is one of the main reasons I admire your work, you don’t just shoot beautiful images, you tell stories. Each image flows to the next like the chapters of a masterpiece novel.

  6. Definitely taking a mental note about those gorgeous centerpieces. Lovely! Also, I think those shoes are the most popular ones of 2010. I saw them often!

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