Sherlynn and Michael: Four Seasons, Singapore

Singapore. Crazy.

I’ve talked before about what an honor it is when a couple flies me into Southern California to shoot their wedding, because there are so many great photographers who are closer. But Singapore? You know who’s closer than me to Singapore? Pretty much everyone. So I knew going in that Sherlynn, Michael and I had a shared vision for how we could capture their wedding. What I didn’t know was that the wedding itself would be as great as Singapore is humid. (Did you know that Singapore is the city closest to the equator? It makes packing a lot easier when the suggested clothing is “as little as possible.”)

What can I say about these children of the world? People ask me if the couple is from Singapore or New York — honestly, I don’t know how to describe where they live, and neither do they. Singapore, New York, Melbourne, London — they have boxes all over the place. You might see the photos below differently when you hear that Michael’s brother is a vocal dead-ringer for Heath Ledger.

Three days in some of Singapore’s most fantastic locations, from a Four Seasons wedding reception to portraits in the National Museum to times that felt just like a jaunt around the city with friends, it sounds grueling but it actually gave everything a far more relaxed air than just doing a 20-hour-long traditional Asian wedding in one day. Never before have the wedding party and I stopped during a wedding-day portrait shoot to sit down and have some lunch. Fantastic style, including a Vera Wang wedding dress, doesn’t hurt either.

It was more than a pleasure to spend this time with Michael, Sherlynn and their families, it was an honor. And yes, we took a few pictures along the way.

PS: Michael, I’m sorry I never ate the durian.

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36 thoughts on “Sherlynn and Michael: Four Seasons, Singapore”

  1. The very first image, of Bukit Timah hill, took me right back there. The rest of the images are fantastically transportive too. A journey well worth making, and beautifully told.

  2. Holy wow Ryan. My mind = blown. This is one of my most favorite weddings of yours ever, and that’s saying a lot. Just incredible man. In-freakin-credible.

  3. These are totally amazing Ryan. I agree with Josh. Definitely one of my favorite weddings you’ve ever done.

    And unrelated to the photography, but still related to the wedding, I LOVE that second dress she’s wearing where they’re outside underneath a tree in the streelight glow. Is that somehow a modification of the first dress or is it a totally separate gown?

  4. So I was here just a bit ago gushing on your photojournalism skills and here I’m back mind blown by these portraits. The compositions and lighting on them are so great, but they also look so beautiful and romantic.

  5. these are just spectacular. that night portrait under the tree, the last one, the b&w before that, the kid playing chess. geez Ryan, I think you’re just showing off now ;)

  6. fantastic pics per usual. i don’t blame you for not trying the durian; that stuff stinks to high heaven. (my mom’s family loves the stuff.) i’d say being in the same room is an accomplishment in itself!

  7. Look, I’m not trying to be a crazy fanboy(girl) here, but holy cow…this stuff is just UHmazing….truly…you have some MAD skills and I know exactly why you were flown in from half way accross the world…because you freeking deliver, always, period.

  8. I love the night photoshoot – that awesome shot of the light bokeh stretching off above them is my favourite. Hope you had a great time there.

  9. Great set of photos here, as usual.

    The museum in Singapore with the escalators — I saw wedding photography going on there in the last week of July when I was on vacation. This must be a popular spot for weddings (and photos?).

  10. Awesome, Ryan. Love the escalator shot. Careful timing!

    Oh, and the durian? I think it’s best described as an acquired taste. It tastes like a combination of onions and honey, with the consistency of half-cooked quiche. And I don’t think I have to tell you about the smell…

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