Notes from PhotoPlus

Quick note: Photoplus Expo is in town, and, since I’m represented in some way by the three largest camera-sellers in the Western hemisphere, they’ve given me a shiny new press pass to check out the gear! I’ll be sending updates of my take on new gear to my Twitter account (I just can’t get used to saying I’ll be “tweeting”) — if you’re interested in new stuff, you can see that here! Or in the handy tab on the left-hand side of the blog.

Kat and Tim: Florentine Gardens Wedding

I knew that I was going to have a great time documenting Kat and Tim’s wedding — after all, we’d already broken into a school. It only gets better from there. And of course, it was that and more. The Florentine Gardens are a great spot for daytime wedding like theirs because the venue can completely seal off the outside light when it wants to, creating a night-time feel conducive to the kind of crazy dancing and partying that was out in force.

And you know that the day was filled with adorable children in matching outfits when my girlfriend can’t stop looking over my shoulder when I’m editing, saying “Look at the MUNCHKINS!” And yes, they were insanely cute.

But you’ll see for yourself.

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Jamie and Phil: Westin Governor Morris Wedding

Phil told me that when they decided on their awesome chuppa with the reflective floor, they’d said “Ryan’s going to love this.”

And they were right. And with a couple and their families who were so much fun, I loved the whole day. The decor was fantastic — the ceremony was played to a round with the guests facing them, the reception was gorgeous, and the talk of the cocktail hour was a bartender who can best be described as a love child between Lady Gaga and a table — and the day was lively throughout.


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