Photos of the Day: Soulja Boy and Keri Hilson in Concert

Yesterday I was selected as the photographer for the launch of five new products in Monster’s Beats by Dre line, a series of high-end headphones (and now a high-end iPod dock) partnered with hip-hop legend Dr. Dre and a series of other celebrities, from LeBron James to Justin Bieber.

100929-150847 200mm_f3.2.jpg

(I love photos that look totally surreal even though they’re basically out-of-camera; this was just a white balance and contrast shift)

I have a feeling that publishing unapproved candids of Dr. Dre is the kind of thing that would lead publicists to shove flaming bamboo shoots under my fingernails, so I’ll hold off on that. But I also had the run of the place for the launch concert featuring Soulja Boy and Keri Hilson.

100929-180518 24mm_f1.6A.jpg
100929-180412 200mm_f2.8.jpg
100929-180913 102mm_f2.8.jpg
100929-180941 24mm_f1.6.jpg

Soulja Boy makes it rain $100 bills as his pants finally give up.

100929-183248 24mm_f1.6.jpg

Keri Hilson, a split-second before the curtain opens.

100929-180641 200mm_f2.8.jpg
100929-184602 24mm_f1.6A.jpg
100929-183819 140mm_f2.8.jpg

That’s some microphone.

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18 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Soulja Boy and Keri Hilson in Concert”

  1. Nothing says: “No to Gun Crime” like a microphone shaped like a gun!

    Amazing images Ryan Brenizer, I’m especially impressed by the image of Keri Hilson’s dancer, you must of been so close!

  2. Awesome. Can you provide some short details on the 1st picture. How did you light the headphones and not light the womans’s head?
    And what lens was on the d3s? I’m assuming it’s shot wide open?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you for posting pics.
    My name is Michael Cole. I designed and made the “Gun Mic” for Keri.
    Thanks a ton. Would love more pics if you have them.
    Other mics/guitars..ect that i have made are being used by
    Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Alicia Keys, Christina A, Lights Over Paris, Willow Smith,
    and a shit load more.
    Thanks again
    Michael COle

  4. “Soulja Boy makes it rain $100 bills as his pants finally give up.”


    That shot is disturbing though…

    On the other hand, the first silhouette shot with the headphones is pure magic!

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