Monthly Archives: September 2010

Photo of the Day: Through the Trees

Camera: Nikon D3s Lens: 70-200mm VRII Tree branches made a great texture for this shot of Svetlana and Dmitri (whose wedding is tomorrow!) but I was a bit nervous about police seeing me poke my lens through the trees at a couple making out at the park. Luckily, no arrests were made. BACK TO TOP […]

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Photo of the Day: Our Own Railroad Car

Camera: Nikon D3s Lens: 24mm f/1.4 Lighting: Three SB-900s Once upon a time the line followed the river and peeked into all the backyards and the laundry was waving the graffiti was teasing us from brick walls and bridges we were rolling over ridges through valleys under stars I dream of touring like Duke Ellington […]

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Wedding: Elizabeth and Aaron at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Watch the full slideshow in high-definition (or click “continue reading” below for a smaller size) Elizabeth knew two things going into wedding planning: 1) This was the man she wanted to be married to and 2) She wanted her last dance to be Modern Love. Spoilers: She got both. And along the way she had […]

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