Greetings, Photoshop and Lightroom followers, on the “Brenizer method”

The official Facebook and Twitter pages for Lightroom and Photoshop, with more than a million followers between them, are discussing the “Brenizer method” of stitching for depth-of-field purposes today. The actual links are a bit twisted around, and it might be hard for people to find their way to my content, but still, there might be some new viewers here today. So hello.

I have plans in order to do a proper video tutorial on this, but my photography clients come first (and I have a lot of them), so I’ve put it off until late fall. But here is my original post on the matter, and you can see a lot more samples here.

In the meantime, here’s an old video laying it out. Sorry for the terrible sound, and my hair at the time:

On the fun side, I’ve often wondered why, with eight million viewers to my photo stream on Flickr and many more on my blog and Facebook, I get so little hate-mail. Exposing this to a million new people today might change that. Greetings! But to head the hate-mail off, no, I didn’t come up with the name. I called it “bokeh panoramas.” I like to think I have more methods left in me.

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daniel - heck yeah, ryan! congrats on the exposure! that’s awesome! i was hooked on your method for a while but had to stop cause i kept saying “ohh, that would be cool using the ‘brenizer method'” and i couldn’t focus on just taking a photo. haha.

looking forward to some of your other methods ;-)

Dennis Pike - holy crap, LOVE the hair, Ryan

elizabeth pellette - ok so how do you stitch all those photos together to get one final image?

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intaG - Thank you for tips and advice. Can not wait to try at my next portrait session. Interesting idea and great outcome. Thanks again!