Wedding: Colleen and Steve in Green Pond, NJ

I love it when a couple works together to make the wedding an expression of themselves, and few anywhere have done that better than Colleen and Steve. Of course, it didn’t hurt to have a family camp available as a setting, since it made the day both pastoral and intimate, a place where the couple and many of the guests had already whiled many days away on the lake. Steve’s father completely restored a 1948 Chris-Craft boat just for the wedding, dutifully earning the captain’s hat they gave him as a gift. Every aspect of the day was a heartfelt, playful delight, from Colleen’s polka-dotted wedding dress, to the men’s boutonnieres labeled with descriptions like “Groom” and “Sinner,” to, most importantly, the couple themselves.

All you need to know about the feeling of this wedding is that the couple and the guests couldn’t even wait for the reception to be over to strip out of their clothes and don swimsuits, with everyone, even some of the parents, diving into the waters of Green Pond for an immediate afterparty.

It was too epic a story to tell with words. So I took pictures.

Khürt - A beach party wedding. Cool! The photography is excellent, too.

Terrance Britton - Great work, I especially love the photo of only the groom exposed! Nice touch….

Ryan - Page 6, 19 and 21 are my faves! Amazing work, Ryan!

Becca Dilley - Lots of photographers talk about “telling a story of the wedding day” but this is amazing! I can totally see how the couple that had so much fun playing on the pier earlier ended up taking a midnight dip. Great captures!

Rich Park - wow, what an EPIC wedding! so amazing how you captured every part o f it! amazing job!

Cathy and David Photographers - LOVE LOVE LOVE these man. This looks like one heck of a good time and I know from experience when the people are having fun, the photog is too. :D Way to rock this out of the park!

Marianne Wilson - how fun are these?!? So cool. I love everything from the details to the portraits. Her dress is super cute too!

Heather Elizabeth - This wedding looked like such a kick ass time. Even if it wasn’t kick ass, you certainly made it look that way. Fantastic work. You are truly a light master.

Joey Chandler - Now that looks like party that I am bummed I missed. Has to be something special when the dress shot happens during the dancing. And the groom and his boys shot is great. Really nice work.

Mark - Wow. Wow. Wow!! This looks like it was so much fun! Great work here mate!!

Kyle - What in the world is going on in that mirror shot where there are two Colleens? I love how you always take pictures that I can’t figure out!

And that portrait of them kicking at the water is so sweet. Love it!

Dean Govier - Awesome – who gets to drive off in a sweet speedboat after the ceremony! You captured the day sooooo well.

John - Beautiful images my friend. Beautiful! :)

Matilda "Tilly" Beezley - That looks like the most epic wedding party ever. Lucky I wasn’t there, I would have put the camera down and started partying. Great work as usual Ryan. :D

Jessica Schilling - There’s so much personality on display here in all the details and you captured so many perfect moments. That dusk shot of the lake and the dock is perfection.

Brad Ross Photography - Love it! Nothing can top old vintage boats and guests willing to get wet and dirty. Good stuff.

Steve Koo - Awesome work, Ryan! Love the shot of them sitting on the dock while she kicks the water!

Shella - What wonderful place to get married. Love the splash shot!

Rocky - WOW!! what a fun wedding!
awesome captures as usual Ryan!

Nikole - This wedding looks like a total blast! I’m kind of sad I wasn’t there. How often do bathing suits show up at a wedding? Sadly, not enough. Love these photos.

Just Alex Photography - Wow, Ryan. That last shot is H O T.

Bobby Ketchum - That’s a really neat venue. Looks fun.

Phill - If exuberance, adventure and love could be bottled, you’ve done it.

Pooja Mehta - This perhaps look like the most fun yu can have at a wedding! You’ve done an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the celebrations.

Paul Von Rieter - Stupid awesome. Brides who smoke cigars are A-OK in my book.

Jaimzh - Amazing work as ever. What a fun wedding!

James Boddington - Great work Ryan! The dress shot and the kissing couple in the water are smokinly great shots

Ben Tomlin - OMG – Ryan these are off the scale!! This surely must be the most fun wedding ever! Love that track too.

Ali Walker - Love these all. You are the man, Ryan. That dock shot of the bride and groom is genius.

brianna phelan - Gorgeous shots! I love the dress. And love the shots w. the boat.

Az - I keep coming back to these Ryan…..they are just brilliant. What a great couple, and wedding party.

Heather Kanillopoolos - Oh, I adore the photograph on the dock!!

Kirsten Flavell - wow what a fun wedding! fabulous couple!

Debbie (Kleinfeld) - Thank you for sharing these wedding photos with me. What a beautiful couple and looks like it was a FUN wedding! You look amazing! Love the grooms attire too! It was my pleasure to help you find “The Perfect Dress”!
Have a wonderful life.
Debbie (Kleinfeld)

Az Rehman - I love this wedding so much!

Cassio Vieira - amei as suas fotos

Mi Amigo El Tuko - lov your work.

Tejas Choudhari - Simply amazing!

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V. - super duper work Ryan. V.

Wes Craft - Super unique. Love the swim set at the end. How fun is that!

Tuan Bui - Hot damn.