Video: What’s in My Bag (and Why?)

I just made another massive contribution to Nikon’s bottom line, replacing my trusty D3, which I essentially ground into dust, with a second D3s. This meant that every last piece of gear I owned the last time I made a “What’s In my Bag” video has been sold, lost, stolen, or (mostly) broken. Every flash, lens, camera, everything. So here’s another one. More important than the gear are the reasons behind it — I try to only bring what I can carry to most weddings, and like to travel overseas without checking bags, so everything is carefully planned to give redundancy without taking up needless space.

The short list, for gearheads:

Cameras: Nikon D3s (x2)
Flashes: SB-900 (x3)
24mm f/1.4
35mm f/1.8
COMING SOON: 35mm f/1.4
50mm f/1.2
60mm f/2.8 Micro
85mm f/1.4G
135mm f/2 DC
70-200mm f/2.8 VR II
Memory cards: 16GB Sandisk (x4)
Sledgehammer of Light: A Manfrotto 682B and Lastolite triflash
Umbrellas and Lumiquest mini-softbox (not in video)

I also have a bunch of White Lightning studio gear, but I only bring that to weddings when there is a very specialized need, or for photo booths.

This is the point where I note that one of the advantages of living in NYC is that my apartment is made darned hard to break into.

Bryan Villarin - Sweet video – you’re incredibly thorough!

sam hurd - sweet! guess i can pass on the workshop now ;)

agree about the 24 1.4. it never leaves my camera. i’m going to pass on the 35 1.4 and buy the d4 with (assuming) improved resolution = 24mm with dx crop absolutely no problem.

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Phil - Wow! $21,000 dollars worth in your bag. Yikes!

Eric - Thanks for sharing. One question left, what card reader do you use?

Ryan Brenizer - A FW 800 reader from Calumet.

Doug - Interesting you’re using the manual focus 50 vs the 1.4, I rarely have time to mf @ weddings (and that seems like a huge gap 24-85 w/o an af lens (considering the 60 is 2.8 and the 35 is dx)…

Jeniel - Which mattress did you go with?

Gabi - DUDE!!! You’re not that into gear and you’re the Amazon gear guide?!? All kidding aside, this was great, thank you so much!

Ryan Brenizer - Jeniel: a tempur-pedic. It rocks.

Ryan Brenizer - Gabi: haha it is a problem. Most of the gear I use us too expensive or specialized for most peole.

Holly - I love the Sesame Street Tribute. Kudos!

Mark - Sweet vid mate! Thanks heaps for sharing!

Jesse Starr - Thanks for sharing. This helps me reaffirm my decision to start using primes on my D700 for most of the wedding day and using my feet to zoom.

Doug P - Any reason you didn’t get the Nikon 24-70mm again? I think I remember that you wore down your old one. I find it a pain to carry around, but versatile to my shooting when I look at the metadata.

Joey Chandler - Nice and thanks – my Christmas wish list just got longer

Alex Mateisescu - Hey Ryan,

I like you work very much.
Hope I’m not too late with a question for this article.
What kind of rechargeable batteries you use for your speedlights?

Best regards,

Grant Corban - Good to see another wedding photographer has ground his D3 into the ground. I bought mine from the first batch delivered to Malaysia and am now debating what to replace it with. Mentioned it to my wife and she told me I got more than my moneys worth out of this camera. Even though its fathers day I am sure she meant it :-)

Keep up the great work with the articles…echoes my sentiments and usage.

Sharon N Dennis Rathjen - love your highting only one person in a group.

tanner wendell stewart - primes for the win!

Elaine Dudzinski - Awesome video.

PerHenning - Its time for a new video of ur camera bag!!! pls=)
Gz to the award btw