Wedding: Mary and Mike at Fox Hollow

There are few couples I’d rather get lost in the woods with than Mary and Mike … which is good because that’s exactly what happened.

They’d just finished a classic, emotional Catholic ceremony on Long Island, and we were all excited to head out and take some pictures with them and the extremely fun wedding party. So we went out to a forest reserve they’d heard was nice (with the groomsmen picking up drinks along the way, ensuring that the wedding party was getting more fun all the time), and it was great, but required a lot of walking along winding roads. We photographed some relatives … and then they left. We photographed the wedding party … and then they left. This left us with the opportunity to take intimate portraits with Mary and Mike, which I loved.

“Great!” I said. “Which way is out?”

“Hm, we’ve never been here before either…”

So the adventures continued for a bit, and we took some more portraits along the way. (There’s always a silver lining). But we got them back to the cocktail hour right on time, important because Mike was understandably excited about a full-sized rowboat filled with seafood that was the centerpiece.

The reception was incredibly raucous and fun — I’ve never seen such choreographed entrances, including a groomsman who borrowed some of my gear to pretend to be me, photographing the bridesmaid playing America’s Next Top Model. The giant dance floor was filled to capacity all night, mixing between modern and ethnic folk music with twisting and turning line dances that eventually took them outside into the night.

A wonderful time, congratulations you two!

Sachin Khona - Wow!

Ryan, then bridal portait is just gorgeous and love the one of the couple together in the woods…


Ben Godkin - Your lighting is always inspiring! Love that Brenizer Method!

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Josh Lamkin - Great post. Love that falling petals shot, and the Brenizer Method is great in this one. NOTE: If you’re going to comment and say “You took a nice Brenizer Method on this one,” just make sure you don’t abbreviate Brenizer Method and then almost post that like I almost did. K great.

Heather Parker - I saw this last night when I got back from a shoot, and I told myself I was going to comment when I was more coherent…. the exit with the petals is caught at just the right moment. Your lighting technique is so natural. Your clients will be so happy with these shots!

Paul Rowland - Great images on the post–but WOW to the slideshow. The Method image of the reception venue is ridiculously awesome. Your work is a constant reminder that even some of the least noticed moments can be some of the most important.

Phill - Clearly this wedding was an absolute blast. Congratulations to Mary & Mike for a) getting married and b) getting married with such great aplomb. The photographs are amazing. That always goes without saying around here.

Stefano Choi - I absolutely love your use of light, genius.

Shella - Love the group shots, also the one with them in the woodsy area – very lovely.

Nick Key - great stuff here Ryan. love the Brenizer method

haring photography - Ryan! The third picture, the curtain + the window + light was a very smart idea!

Monika Szczepaniak - I love the shot with the bride on the bed.

Tenielle (Feather + Stone) - Loooove the couple shot on the path surrounded by greenery…..bliss!! Awesome job on this wedding….. looks like you had too much fun ;)

Eric Yerke - The essence of PJ.

Nessa K - I’m going to say what everyone else is — beautiful shots and amaazzinnnggg lighting!!

geneoh - loved this wedding, great work Ryan!

Heather Garland - AMAZING work as always!!

Luis Godinez - Ryan, the slideshow is amazing. It speaks greatly of you and your talent. I bet your clients were happy with it. Is this ‘day of’ slideshow?

Jared Tseng - The whole set is stunning!

Rebecca Pettigrew - Gorgeous as usual, Ryan! THIS is why everyone loves you… that… an you smell like chocolate chip cookies baked with AWESOME!

RaShea Drake - Ryan, you never cease to amaze me. The couple is gorgeous, and it’s truly a beautiful wedding!

Your understanding of light is quite awesome to behold!

Caroline Anne - Ryan, you are one of my top 10 favorite people.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you Caroline. I’m gunning for top 5. Watch out, cousins!

Kaye Le Fleur - I love the way you have captured the light. Yum images

Kaye - The natural shots of the dancing are my favourite. These are awesome!!