Wedding: Elyse and David at Temple Emanu-el

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about tricks like flash composites or the Brenizer Method, which I tend to use to open up new possibilities in portraiture. But my real love in photography is storytelling, and Elyse and David knew that they wanted photojournalistic coverage that would just let them enjoy their day. And why not? Elyse started her career in journalism … usually I’m the one telling stories about having to explain myself to officials on a photo-shoot, but her journalistic adventures came up several times during the speeches.

I always enjoy temple weddings, because you combine all the importance of ceremony and ritual to the marriage process, from the separate receptions of the Kabbalas Panim, to the (rainy) march to the b’deken, and the ketubah signing all before the public ceremony, but you also have the relative calm that comes from having every moment of the wedding day in one place. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the temple is gorgeous. Fitting, of course, with these too. David, no one pulls off a Snoopy yarmulke like you do.


Eric Yerke - Teach me to capture the moments like you. Super good, thanks for all your contributions…

James Murphy - Great stuff Ryan, I particularly like the “cupcake battle”.

Jamie M Swanson - Beautiful moments captured here…really fabulous stuff. :-) What a beautiful couple!

mariola - wow, amazing work. I specially like the picture where they are holding hands and she is looking down while someone is reading a speech .. and one of the last ones where she is dancing with who I assume it’s the dad? priceless captures!

Joseph yarrow - By the looks of it, I would of loved to of shot this wedding Ryan Brenizer. You’ve done a fantastic job of capturing some amazing colors and moments. Always the right man for the job.

Elissa - All of these are amazing, but I think my favorite is the shot of the boy with the Coca Cola. :)

gabe aceves - Ryan your wedding images are without a doubt some of the most fun I ever see. Full of emotion. The whole reception looks like a place I’d want to be.

adam @ - Nice work! Love the ring shot.

Leo Druker - Such a great wedding superbly captured. Love the captures of the raw emotion at the reception.

Shyann - Awesome wedding and you rocked it as usual Ryan!! Great work!!! :) Love the cake eating photos!

Kyle - Every time I see a wedding you’ve shot, I think — I wish I were friends with these people! I really do.

Which, I think, is just telling in the way you show people — as their true selves.

RB, I’ve known for a long time now how much I like your work, but I think I’ve finally pinpointed exactly WHY I like your work.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you so much, Kyle, that means a lot. It’s very similar to the photography compliment that I hold deepest. When I left Columbia, my boss, who had seen tens of thousands of my photos, and had seen me evolve there, said “When you take photos of people, they look like themselves.” At first it seemed jarringly underwhelming, but the more I thought about it the more honored I was by it.

Thomas Lester - Very nice, Ryan. The bride has such an amazing smile. These images are fantastic, as usual. Great story telling. The slideshow was a treat to watch. Perfect music selection.

Tricia - Beautiful job, as always. I really love the little boy towards the end.

Crystal - I love the range of emotions that was expertly captured!

mark carey - Brilliant work here. Great photojournalism. Your timing and framing is very special. Well done.

Paul Rowland - I agree with your former boss — but I think it also has to do with the way you tell their story. I don’t know why, but the receptions you shoot always look like a crazy good time–moreso than normal receptions.

Heather Kanillopoolos - I love all those wonderful smiles from the bride! You did a great job!

Ruth - You always catch the best moments… great job here, Ryan

nadine - Man, how did you get the photo of him up in the chair? The angle looks like you’re right next to him!

Your pictures are always so enjoyable to look at.

Eric Kotara - Grand work. Love those actions shots!

brooke trexler - these are so full of feeling! gorgeous (of course) work! The one of the little girl at the top made me gasp :)

brooke trexler - these%20are%20so%20full%20of%20feeling!%20gorgeous%20(of%20course)%20work!%20The%20one%20of%20the%20little%20girl%20at%20the%20top%20made%20me%20gasp%20%3A)

Kristi Wright - These are wonderful! What a beautiful bride. Her smile is contagious!

Joey Chandler - Love the shots of the little girl. Looks like she was precious. The energy of this collection is great. Nice work as always.