Wedding: Ellen and Jeff at TriBeCa RoofTop

You know you’re going to have a gorgeous, classy wedding at the TriBeCa RoofTop, and Ellen and Jeff’s fantastic affair was no exception. After all, one of the biggest arbiters of style in Mahattan is how many random letters are capitalized in the middle of a place name, and no one beats TriBeCa RoofTop. We started the day at the new Trump SoHo Hotel (see?) and had a gorgeous, sunny day shining down on their ceremony. I don’t need to tell you how clearly in love these two were; all you have to do is look through all the different expressions below or on the slideshow. Tears to laughter in two seconds flat.

Ellen spent most of the day in a gorgeous gown, then joined her mother and aunt in a colorful, traditional Korean Hanbok. I was joined on this day by Kenny Pang, a friend and fellow NYC wedding photographer with great energy. As always, the photos below and in the slideshow are just the ones I took, since I use them for promotional purposes, but he did a great job covering the guys and the wedding day.

Congratulations, Ellen and Jeff!

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Douglas Pettway - The angles you choose to shoot from are completely refreshing and your work is wonderful, as always. I love the photos of Jeff sneaking up on her. :)

Josh Lamkin - Really really nice, Ryan. And the beautiful locations don’t hurt the photos at all. Oh and question: all primes for this?

Luis Godinez - Ryan, you have such an amazing talent. You just know how to capture wonderful emotions in a visually stunning way. I always know when I see a Brenizer wedding. It’s like a fingerprint.

Cynthia - Beautiful and breathtaking as usual Ryan! Your photos are always amazing! The bride and groom are thrilled with them I am sure!!

alexis sweet - gorgeous as always. That first photo made my heart pitter patter. AMAZING

Kyle - Ryan, that first shot blows my mind! What is that? how did you do that? Is that free-lensing?

And then the first look pictures just make me want to be friends with the bride and groom. Totally awesome.

Ryan - That is the optical effect of the mirror on distance and a plain, fully attached, 85mm f/1.4. The first portrait is freelensed, though.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Where do I start? You’re freakin’ amazing, Ryan! I absolutely love the first photo. Well done!

Chris Honour - Great shots as always, Ryan. That staircase shot, through the railing is out of sight! I am guessing that you had it prefocused, but thats what us mere mortals would do… you… who knows. Hats off for the rest, too.

matt shumate - Thou art the man Ryan! Whether found or created, your use of light is impeccable. So, so good

Alicia Kennison - Love the emotion captured. Just great!

Jared Tseng - Awesome shots Ryan! Especially love the first look where the groom is running towards the bride with his tongue sticking out! Pretty sweet!

Kyle - Badass, Ryan. I rarely am curious enough to ask a question and then remember to come back and see if the photographer answer, but that first picture is still blowing my mind.

Rima - I know I’ve said it before, but your work really does inspire me. I love the first images especially

Ben Godkin - I love this wedding! Every shot is so dramatic and impact-full. You are the kings of moments!

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you all!

gabe aceves - Haha. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the cake shots. You are a master of light sir.

bien.argonza - Wow! The reception is so exceptional, even the lighting is awesome. The angle of the picture is also amazing!

MAURONSTER - wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great great great !!!!! ;-)

Nessa K - I absolutely -adore- that first image. I love all of them, but I want to live in the first one. =)

Amber Black - Very unique perspectives! Excellent story telling!