Wedding: Caroline and John at the OceanCliff Hotel

Did you know that Caroline was Old French for “bringer of the sun?” Probably not, because that’s completely untrue. But it should be. Everything was laid out and looking gorgeous at the OceanCliff Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island, with a view that lived up to the name, but the weather showed nothing but ominous rain clouds. That is, until right before Caroline was announced for the ceremony, when they had pared into brilliant — and actually, blinding — sunlight. Nice work!

The wedding was intimate and as peaceful as a wedding can get with a gaggle of gregarious children, including countless adorable flower girls, each with white dresses and ballet slippers. John and much of his family are from Ireland, which made for an interesting cross-cultural gathering that later included a Chinese tea ceremony, and Caroline changing into a traditional Chinese wedding gown. The wedding also featured culinary delights such as a gelato station, where I, at their urging, discovered that tirimisu gelato is probably the pinnacle of human achievement.

A gorgeous day I was happy to share in. Congratulations!

Josh Lamkin - Love that ring shot. And you’re a reception master. Great shots there too.

Matilda "Tilly" Beezley - Beautiful. Every single image. Beautiful. I envy your brides! They get to be the most beautiful women not only for the day, but you capture that so perfectly for the rest of their lives.
Love it Ryan.

Antonio - Great as always! I love the “master of light” flash portrait.

Brad Ross Photography - Another set of photos that tells a wonderful story. Such modern and clean work. Kudos!

Becca Dilley - I am amazed at how you incorporate so many different sources of light in different ways. Beautiful wedding, I am sure they are very happy!

Sally - Wow – that ring shot is seriously gorgeous, and all those flowergirls are so sweet! Looks like such a fun wedding!!

Kyle - FAvorites: Where the bride is walking down a hallway and you got her reflection. Laughing while they’re getting her veil off. And then the reflection table portrait. SO wonderful!

dani k - Love the moments. Lifting the veil, the laughter, the dancing. Amazing, as usual.

Timothy Kaldas - Ryan your composition in this set is outstanding. I love your many uses of reflections throughout it, especially the shot of the bride walking down the hall reflected in the picture frame on the right. The silhouette shot in the ballroom of the couple is gorgeous as well.

Molly - Beautiful images. Love the shot of the hackey-sacking ring bearer.

George L Koroneos - OK, the outdoor shot with the off-camera flash is so badass it hurts. Amazing work. The rest of the photos are stellar, and I love the attention you paid to the little kids. What a wonderful set of photos.

matt shumate - Proving again why you’re the man. The way you have to anticipate the once in a lifetime moments to get the results you do is remarkable. Such an inspiration.

Joey chandler - Nice – love the lighting and the colors. Really nice soft feeling in the whole collection. Great work.

Natalie Gibbs - I don’t know how you find so many funny kid moments, but I sure do love looking at them. Great, great work.

Shell Bailey - Your composition is amazing. The reflections, sillhouettes, & lighting- I think you could make anything look beautiful.

Chantal - I love her climbing out from under that veil. Oh and your kid shots at the reception have perfect light.. I adore those ballet slippers.

Jen - Gorgeous! The colors of the ring shot are fantastic, and the gaggle of gorgeous gals in their petal-filled frocks are precious. The richness and clarity of your images is so inspiring!

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!

Agustín Samper - Your photos are amazing!. Not only these, all of your work!!. I really, really envy you.

LaKaye Mbah - Another lovely wedding! I love how you’re able to capture the moments. The kids are hilarious!

Saskia - I love, love, love the one with the flowergirl and the curtain blowing in the wind.