Wedding: Alicia and Jason at the Fountainhead

I knew Alicia and Jason were awesome. I just didn’t know how awesome they were on the dance floor.

It was a hot, humid Memorial Day weekend for the two of them — as I took the flash composite group photo (in the slideshow), at any given time half of the party was in the shade fanning themselves. But that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time throughout the day, whether it was the carefully choreographed wedding party entrance, or Jason doing the Kid N’ Play routine from House Party.

A gorgeous couple and a gorgeous day (at least, when you look back in the photos and don’t have to feel the heat), but in the end it all comes down to the fun you have and the love you share. At the reception, the DJ asked a woman who had been married for more than 60 years to give advice to the newlyweds. She paused for only a moment: “Just keep dancing!”

Congratulations, you two. I’m sure you will.

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Martin - Phenomenal set. Gorgeous shots and great work. The shot on the steps with the green setting is a perfect example of your ‘method.’ Excellent.

Saskia - You have a way of making the ordinary so exraordinary. (I don’t mean the bride and groom of course) But I never thought that hairspray and blinds could be so lovely.

Phill - Funny to think that where I am, I often find myself saying (truthfully) that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves on a wedding day despite the cold and rain! Extra hot weather aside in this case, the images are blisteringly good. Fantastic, inspiring work as ever!

alexis sweet - Increds… as usual. So much emotion and action in this set!

Csanad - Stunning as always, Ryan! very inspiring. and the images of teh gusest with p&s camerous… tooo funny!

brooke trexler - LOVE these! You capture emotion so perfectly. The silhouette dancing shots are also fabulous :)

Alexander Gardner - Well, well that light misting that Alicia is receiving from her MUA is my favourite. Great stuff Ryan.

…followed by dancing. Get funky! ;)

Amy French - I love the emotion you captured in this wedding. The portraits are gorgeous and I love the shot on the steps!

Chris Lin - That is some crazy dancing you got there. One of the best part of Asian weddings, in my opinion, is the multiple dresses for the bride.

bien.argonza - Amazing as always, this captions are worth viewing for. The shot where Alicia dances, was my favorite. Cool!

ashlei schade - You always blow me away with your images. i LOVE the emotion you always manage to capture.

Avelaine Scyrup - Great set as always! Love the composite!

adam @ - I LOVE that reveal shot and her emotion afterwards. The shot on the stairs is amazing too! I love your work.