Sarah and Larry: 5.15.10

There are a lot of general rules you find once you’ve done enough weddings, and one of them is that generally during daytime weddings, when the light is streaming in, nothing is hidden and you have to deal with the consequences of your alcohol consumption for the rest of the day, the dance floor doesn’t get quite as rowdy. Luckily, my clients tend to be rulebreakers, and Sarah and Larry rang in their marriage at the Bridgeview Yacht Club with fun, laughter, fake mustaches and the first time I’ve seen a bride do a split on the dance floor.

But before the merriment, the ceremony was held at the church Sarah grew up in, Our Lady of Peace in Lynbrook, NY. It would be a gross understatement to say that the priest knew Sarah well. I shoot a LOT of Catholic ceremonies — I’m one of the favorite photographers of the Archdiocese itself — and I’ve never seen a priest give a copy of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” to a couple during the ceremony, or allow them to give a speech from the pulpit! All of this made for a warm, caring environment throughout the whole day. Congratulations, you two!

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Maggie Rife - Oh my word! This is amazing, bride doing the splits, presumably the groomsmen wheel barrowing it. Incredible wedding, you’ve capture such great moments. I also really like the garter shot, your details, the woman looking out of the window, and many more!

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seth goodman - You always do such great work! I love the candids at the ceremony and the silhouette photo of them dancing under the tent.

Paul Von Rieter - Beautiful shots as always dude! The dip shot is pretty fantastic. nice work.

Steve Koo - The portrait with the flying veil is incredible. I love the reception photos, too! Great stuff, Ryan!

Natalie Gibbs - Ryan, your work is all so good, it’s hard to pick favorites. BUT I’ll make a valiant effort. I love the first shot of the tv, the one of them kissing by the stairs, and definitely that garter shot.

Your photos are so much fun to look at it. I love that you capture all the most humorous moments in addition to the serious ones.

Lisa Redfern - Ryan, you always have such amazing photos, I LOVE that you were there, front and centre to capture the bride doing the splits! Love all of the fun with the veil, too.

Caroline Anne - When are you NOT amazing Ryan? Bride doing the splits=coolest thing ever.

Paul Rowland - I love their (first?) dance together. It looks as if the whole venue is enveloped in a huge ribbon from that angle. Good stuff.

gabe aceves - ryan you have an amazing talent. you are one of the best sir. beautiful images.

Kat Forsyth - LOVE the veil shots on the bridge!

Michelle Silva - Ryan – Your dance shots are always the BEST EVER!!!! The two guys above are hysterical, and the expression on the bride’s face while doing the splits is priceless. Just amazing work capturing the energy and fun.

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Heather Parker - shot through the stair rail is fab.

shipra - That image of the bride doing splits is perfect! You captured it perfectly too – I would love a print of that on my desk! I really appreciate how you have a blend of great pj type shots but still make time to create some epic photographs too…like the one looking down on the couple over the bannister (swoon) and the outdoor night shots with the veil blowing. I’m getting so excited that I get to rub my newbie shoulders with photographers of your experience and caliber at Poser next month :)

matt shumate - Every time I see one of your weddings I’m amazed at how much you catch. It seems like there wasn’t a moment anywhere you didn’t catch.

Aaron - Ryan,as always awesome shots. My favourite is the veil shot.

Dewan Demmer - These are some fun photos, really looks like it was a great wedding. V. Nice photos