Photo of the Day: While the Day Away

With my background in photojournalism, I love the idea of bringing a documentary feel to couples’ portraits. Every gesture and expression tells a story, of course, but I like to see how your love really plays out, how you really express it with each other. Of course, it’s also fun to have someone prod you along to get you to do things you might not otherwise, like kiss in the middle of traffic. But when I saw Rachel and Jonathan’s comfy couch, I knew we had to do some shooting there to see love in its natural environment.

Josh Lamkin - Beautiful. But…you weren’t by chance standing on this nice couch to take this , were you?

Thomas Lester - That’s a great shot. Snuggle time on a couch is such a great think for lovers. It’s nice to see that from a shoot. So real. Awesome, Ryan.

Ryan Brenizer - @Josh: no, I was holding my camera high in the air.

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zUdio - This is awesome. Everything about it comes together in such a unique way (the light, the angle, the intimacy) that really makes this such a great photo. This inspires me to move my butt and not to be afraid to take the eyepiece away from my eyes.

gabe aceves - gorgeous.

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All the Comforts of Home » Ryan Brenizer — NYC Wedding Photographer. Problem solver, storyteller. - […] As I’ve noted before, I love starting engagement shoots in couple’s homes, because the central mission of an engagement shoot is to make you as comfortable being photographed as possible, and to show your real relationship and personalities, and the home is where you’re most comfortable and most of the real life of your relationship plays out. […]

Jessica Schilling - Love it, Ryan! So cute and cozy!