Photo of the Day: Every Photo Has a Story…

Every Photo Has a Story…

… and this one doubly so.

I met Heather and Jordan for a very late-night engagement shoot at the swanky hotel where they got engaged. Unfortunately the floor they got engaged on was under construction, but I said “Hey, these elevators are pretty cool.” I usually try not to inconvenience anyone, but since the hotel was quiet at this time of night and there were two other elevators sitting unused, I hit all the buttons on the way down so we’d have time to set up a shot.

To get the ceiling lights and to not be in the reflection, I was crouched low to the right of the door, impossible to see until you came in. So we stopped at one of the floors and a guy walks in. “Woah, paparazzi!” he says. This is a pretty common joke people make when they see my giant camera, so I don’t think much of it. Then I look up at the guy to apologize.

It’s Dave Chappelle. And he thought I realliy was there for him. So he got doubly confused when I just kind of shrugged, apologized for hitting all the buttons, and went back to shooting Heather and Jordan.

“Man, I don’t need this…” he said, and got off at the next floor. He wasn’t really mad, but I think anyone would say that when they see two people making out on an elevator with a photographer and all of the buttons lit up.

Sorry, Dave.

P.S.: Dave has been working out. The guy was RIPPED.

Brittany - HAHA, wow – that’s hilarious! I can’t believe it was Dave Chappelle. Amazing shot – I love the use of the elevator + lights for a creative background.

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Kyle - Dude, Dave is one of my favorite photographers ever. That’s so cool. Even if he was kind of mean.

Bankshot Comics - Chapelle shows - […] Despite what you might think from recent pages of Invisible, Inc., Brenizer is not a paparazzo. But you can see why Dave Chapelle might think so. […]

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nadine - That’s a great story.

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John - Great photo and great story! Too bad he wouldn’t pose with them. Your iPhone theme rocks!

Chris Lin - Kyle, Dave Chapelle is a photographer as well as a comedian?

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Emily Porter - Ha! I always found Dave Chappelle so funny. It’s amusing that he busted in on your engagement session. Also – nice shot!

Patricia Marie - Awesome, I can just hear him saying those things. I miss Dave Chappelle’s comedy. Cool shot too!

Ryan Brenizer - Kyle: Dave Chappelle ≠ dave lachapelle. Thinking like a photographer. ;-)