Photo of the Day: Beauty and the Rock Star

Beauty and the Rock Star

Matt and Val’s wedding reception featured Rock Band as entertainment, so I figured we’d work with it.

Flash composite, one SB-900 camera left at half power. through a Lumiquest Softbox.

Josh Lamkin - Yeah! So fun. What a great couple….I bet the wedding pics are rad.

Heber Vega - Hi Ryan,

Quick question, Which Lumiquest Softbox did you use? Softbox III?
Do you have any video, tutorial, blog post, about this tool?

Thank you in advance!

Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer - I love the way he’s just rocking out and she’s just there looking amazing and totally smitten by him!
Well done Ryan.

Chris Lin - Sweet. I’m pushing for Rock Band as a reception activity.

bien.argonza - This was a good shot, unique and suited for a cool couple. Rock on!

Eric Kotara - This is a great image; I am sure the bride and groom were thrilled with it.