Photo of the Day: A Great Day to Be Married

A Great Day to be Married

Today’s photo is from a wedding I shot … today. Efficiency, that’s how I roll.

I love shooting elopements. Such simplicity, just focused on those closest to you and each other. And it was a heck of a day for it.

Three Sb-900s at left, but held together, not the sledgehammer arrangement, so that I could trigger them all with a SU-800 on a bright day.

Julie and Yoni: 5.2.10

It was a beautiful if steamy day for Julie and Yoni at the Edgewood Country Club. I loved every aspect of the decor, including a gorgeous chuppa — and I suppose I should, since Julie told me she got the inspiration from another one of my weddings! From the details to the dress, they both did a great job planning this. Since Yoni manages people on crazy deadlines for a living, I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

Yoni actually first approached me for this wedding before he was even engaged! He had a good feeling it was coming, and we’ve also had a lot of interaction with photography. He’s attended one of my workshops, helped out at a wedding, and we’re going to be working on some exciting projects once he’s back from his awesome-sounding European cruise honeymoon. So yes, I was excited to play a role in this day.

Congratulations, Julie and Yoni!

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