Photo of the Day: Big Sky (and Flash Composite comparison)

The threatening rain was worrying for a bit at Karen and Aaron’s wedding, but the timing worked out perfectly, cooling the day down and giving us a great sky.

We had about five minutes to do group photos at Brooklyn Bridge Park, so I did a quick, three-shot flash composite of the wedding party and then a very quick flash-free shot with the kids in it. I talked a lot about flash composites and the possibilities it opens up at my Adorama lecture yesterday, so I thought I’d show a quick comparison from two sorts of shots in the same place and conditions:

Photo of the Day: Maybe Weddings ARE for rock stars

How cool was yesterday’s wedding? The bride and groom danced to Langhorne Slim. And I don’t mean a recording … he performed for them.

If you don’t know who Langhorne Slim, is, well … Bruce Springsteen’s a fan of his. That’s a pretty good recommendation.

I’ll see some of you at my talk today at Adorama!

Wedding: Allie and Vilas at TriBeCa Rooftop

Tribeca Rooftop is a gorgeous venue for anybody, but it was uniquely perfect for Allie and Vilas — they live about 20 feet away. There’s nothing like the convenience of being able to stop by your (awesome) apartment if you need something during the day. And what a day it was — the rain held off, allowing a gorgeous ceremony on the roof, and the reception hall was stunningly decorated, including hundreds of carefully hung tea lights over the dance floor.

There were enough little touches that even some of the venue operators (who have seen a LOT of events) were marvelling. “How cool is this?” One of them asked me about a plaque that spelled out their new name, entirely using architectural detail from around the city instead of letters (watch the slideshow to see it — consider that the director’s cut).

There was a personal emergency for the couple before the wedding (that I won’t describe for privacy reasons), and it made the day and the throng of loving, joyful friends and family all the more poignant. It was a joy to document the day for them. Congratulations!

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