Wedding: Sameepa and Beeren. 4.3.10

I always love getting calls from Preeti, the head coordinator at Spotlight Style, because I know it will be an over-the-top gorgeous, meticulously planned South Asian wedding, with all the colors and fun and detailed ceremonies that entails. But this time, the bride Preeti’s own sister, so I knew it would be as gorgeous and wild a wedding as I had ever seen. And boy was it.

Like so many great love stories, Sameepa and Beeren’s begins in the dentist’s office. She was his patient, and apparently he did a great job, because Sameepa has a killer smile.

Believe it or not, all of the photos below are from only one day of three. It was wonderful to get to know the family during the sangeet and the mehndi, as well as the first birthday of Sameepa’s nephew, all in the course of a week. By the time the wedding started, it felt like I was among friends as well as clients. The ceremony and reception were at espace, a fantastic event space that made a perfect canvas for Spotlight Style’s design skills and incredible floral arrangements. The ceremony was a traditional Hindu ceremony, which I always love to shoot because so many of the tiniest gestures have incredible meaning, from light touches to the materials used to a sharing of the first meal.

And then it was time to party. From the moment the music started to the end of the night, the huge dance floor was packed to capacity, and it got just a *bit* wild, as you’ll see below. Congratulations, you two, and thank you!

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Jolene Oldham - You are such a remarkable photographer, Ryan!

Kirsten - So so so so so GORGEOUS!!! Not just the decor, your coverage of it is AMAZING.

gabe aceves - ryan- your work inspires. well played sir.

Maggie Rife - Wow, what a gorgeous wedding and couple. I LOVE the detail shots of her henna,hands, earrings, etc… Love the shot of the two dancing and the emotion in the mothers expression seen through her closed eyes.

Amber Hughes - Beautiful work as always Ryan! I love all the moments and details you’ve captured – I especially love the portrait of her in the car and the silhouette of them against pink. :)

Jolene Oldham - Remarkable as always, Ryan.

Timothy E Kaldas - Fantastic set Ryan. The colors are amazing and the Brenizer Method portrait is perfect. You caught so many great emotions and the storytelling throughout is fluid and captivating.

Vida Carson - WOW! Amazing work as always – I really love the emotional moments you’ve captured. The crying, the laughing, the dancing, the love. You got it all beautifully :)

Paul Butterworth - Amazing work – your skills are awe-inspiring, really enjoying looking through your work, I think you may just have picked up a new fan – wish I could access the EXIF data on these so that I can see what lenses you used.

Kevin Shahinian - Really amazing work, Ryan. Glad to be a part of this shoot with you. Looking forward to working together again soon! Best -Kevin

Az - Hat’s off to you sir, excellent work again and again.

Kelly - These are excellent, Ryan! I just love the emotion – both intimate and fun – that you captured.

Stefano Choi - Ryan, you Sir are killing it. Love the colors and moments, your images just pop!

Luis Godinez - Ryan!!! It blows my mind how with each post/wedding you get better & better. I think I need a CT scan to make sure I’m ok.

Danielle Daigle - Your work is so inspirational. Simply stunning!

Natalie Gibbs - Beautiful work, Ryan. You always have such great, bold color in your work. I love the one of her looking out the car window, and the one of their silhouettes through the frosted glass.

Tobiah Tayo - These are awesssssommmme! Absolutely amazing! Love the 3rd shot looking up!

Paul Rowland - Incredible (colorful!) set of images.

Nick - wow. the colors are awesome. they all POP! great coverage!

shipra - color…gloooooorious color!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Amazing set, Ryan!I love the photo of their silhouette behind the glass doors. Very well done!

Csanad - All of the above said. this is absolutely awesome. i especially love the image with their silhuette behind the glass door.

Eric Kotara - Wow, what wonderful reception lighting. You captured some wonderful candid moments splendidly. BRAVO!

Jazz Virdi - Johara - Fantastic work, really well captured :)

Sarah - Lovely photographs, great colours and contrast throughout, a visual feast. Thanks for sharing.

Lilly Rivera - Gorgeous stunning photography. It really captured all the beauty.

BridalGal Multicultural Beauty - Gorgeous! You captured all the beauty.