Photo of the Day: Shaft of Light

I was again honored to have a great bunch of photographers attend my workshop on Saturday, and everyone seemed to have a great time. The full wrap-up is coming later today, but first I want to see if any non-attendees can pick apart the lighting here. Look for clues.

UPDATE: The recap is up with the answer. Robert and Lance are pretty darned close, but no one got the wordplay.

Jamie Guigno - The looks on their faces is so real. Almost as if it were at a very tender moment. I love this.

Dustin Finn - You say “Shaft of Light” I say ” Sledgehammer ” !!!

From above ?

Sorry I missed out – glad to hear from some new friends and old that the day was another huge hit!!

Connormcc - I’m going to say a light, low behind them, and a reflector just above their heads?

Rishi Shah - I gotta say Ryan… watching you do your craft takes NOTHING away from the impact of the final work.

Omi - I think you’ve bounced a light off a white background and used a reflector for top (and possibly front) fill.

Robert Kilmer - I also vote the “Sledgemamer of Light” low behind them; one off the ceiling/high reflector (?). And they’re in a corner of two light colored (?) walls. That’s my best stab in the dark. Hey, I made a pun!

Lance Ingle - I think it was indoors somewhere tight (close whiteish ceiling and walls) with a single sb low and bare..set on wide angle.. hitting the ceiling and walls. The bounce gave you the nice wrap.

My clues
All this was guessed from his button catching light from left. Her earring and the back of his ear catching from right. Tops of head with that nice soft ceiling light. Also under his arm is lit from below.

I’m probably wrong though.

As always great work.

André P. - I’m guessing some kind of translucent diffusers on the background (2 sheets of thick paper) set side by side with an opening on the middle and speedlight behind that out of camera sight. The light on the subjects it’s just available light.

Dennis Pike - I’m going with a speedlight on the floor, behind them, bounced at a the white wall behind them