Monthly Archives: April 2010

Getting more latitude from the iPhone

Here’s another shot taken with my iPhone 3Gs on Jamaica. I’ve done a review of the HDR applications that made these shots possible over at Amazon’s End User blog. Check it out for my thoughts and more photos! BACK TO TOP | CONTACT ME

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New Camera!

On advice from my chirpractor and Ken Rockwell, I’m paring down and going smaller and lighter for the new season, taking it back to basics! Introducing my new flagship, the D70s! Hey, I heard that vintage cameras are in. Am I doing it right? Or, the strobist angle: Who needs ISOs higher than 800 when […]

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Photo of the Day: Love, Uncloaked

Ilana and Paul‘s dramatic first kiss. I suppose I should be talking about the secret camera I’m testing that adds the important sense of smell to your digital images, but I think that’s been played out. BACK TO TOP | CONTACT ME

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