HD Slideshow: Sameepa and Beeren

From some perspectives, I am a terrible businessman. I always approach my client offerings with “What would I want from a wedding photographer?” and often throw things in because I think they’re cool, for free. Photos want to be seen large. They want room to breathe, they want to run around on mountaintops and sing. So I decided to make my life a bit more interesting and design my post-wedding slideshows to be not just bigger, but HDTV compliant. And what a wedding to start with — the bigger-than-life multi-day Indian wedding of Sameepa and Beeren! See it here in 720p HD or see it smaller if it’s just too much of their awesomeness for your screen.

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Ryan Brenizer

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10 thoughts on “HD Slideshow: Sameepa and Beeren”

  1. Ryan, honestly, you rock. These are such vibrant, colourful, creative and fun photos. You really do capture the emotion of the day so well. Awesome.

  2. Loved the pictures, especially when the music burst into “signed, sealed, delivered” – Apt and fitting. This HD slideshow is a great idea, and I’m sure your clients will love it.

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