Flickr Group: “Lit by iPhone or iPad”

I love Flickr, but I think it’s been four years since I started a group there. I’m blessed to be busy with awesome clients, so I only participate in a couple existing groups. I mean, there’s a group for the Brenizer Method out there, and I didn’t even start it! But I’m a big Apple dork, and I know how many people out there love their iPhones (I shot for FOUR iPhone app developers last year!) so I’ve started a group for shots lit by these miniature softboxes. If you have any photos like that, feel free to join the party.

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12 thoughts on “Flickr Group: “Lit by iPhone or iPad””

  1. I bet its a trick question, but im going to stick with my gut saying its an iPhone. Mainly because the left and right sides are really close to the rings. The depth can be an iPad but who knows. Only you know Ryan.

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