Photo of the Day: Sunset Lounging


Here’s another shot from the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica. What’s special about this shot? It was taken with my iPhone and minimally edited in Photoshop. Not a bad little camera on the 3Gs if you get the most you can out of it. More on this soon.

TQ - Man my pics on my iphone ae so lame in comparision!

Maja - WOW !!!! That is all I can say Your Blog is AMAZING. Thank You soo much for all your inspiring work. MAJA

josh - oh man! if i wasn’t on the complete opposite side of the island i’d totally come out and meet you!

so what are you up to in Jamaica? vacation or work?

i did some shooting for Rockhouse last November. really nice people.

i guess if for some reason you find yourself out in Portland PLEASE give me call! 876 368 6685

either way, enjoy Jamrock. later.