Engagement: Karen and Kamil

Here is another case of “We just did the engagement shoot, and I’d better get the images out because the wedding is tomorrow!” It does have a certain efficiency to it.

Karen and Kamil have flown me out to California to document their Malibu wedding, and if I thought I was excited before, I’ve reached Ludicrous Excitement after how much fun our engagement shoot was at their alma mater, Harvey Mudd College.

Have you ever seen Real Genius? If not, go rent it. It’s one of the best movies of all time. If you have, though, you remember a scene with a dorm literally bursting with anarchic, geeky energy in every corner. A place like this could only exist in the movies, right?

Wrong. West Dorm, where both Karen and Kamil spent all four years, surpasses every stereotype of every college movie I’ve ever seen. There are pirate flags, and bonfires, and motorcycles, and shopping carts with Pabst Blue Ribbon cup holders. It is college at its most primal, both revelled in and enjoyed ironically.

For the first time, I actually can’t show some of my favorite images from the shoot, because so much of the West decor is Not Safe for Work.

So when I tell couples to find places that have meaning for them, and not just the prettiest possible place, I mean it.

Oliver Collinge - Great stuff as usual. Love it.

Dana Goodson - These are incredibly cute. I love that one up on the left with her arms grabbing the branch.

Timothy E Kaldas - Ryan, this is a fantastic shoot. I love the first shot of them kissing. It’s incredibly passionate. Also the shots of her in the carriage handing out the PBR are pretty awesome. And finally the portrait with the flare and blue is just fantastic.

Larry C - Hot! Fabulous work as always. Love the ones from the orange grove.

Daniel Stark - DANG!!–these are amazing!

Teresa K - Holy HOT pictures…that first kiss image is EPIC. I love the one where he is kissing her hair too…excellent work…just excellent!!

Eve - If you really want to top out the “bursting with anarchic, geeky energy in every corner” category, next you just need to get hired by a couple who were undergrads at Caltech . . .

Dennis Pike - Was not expecting a “Real Genius” reference today… glad I got one, you can never have too much of that movie. Ryan, ever consider shooting something crappy, maybe to mix it up a bit?

Eric Kotara - What a HOT kiss shot. And the flare on the blue shot. Man, great, solid work as always Ryan. I love Real Geniuses.

gabe aceves - awesome shoot ryan! the first two photos are really great, full of passion and emotion. great set!

Andrea - Ah Harvey Mudd. I used to walk though that campus on the way to classes at CGU. Did you see anyone riding unicycles?

Ryan Brenizer - Haha, I did!

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Sam Hurd - i know this is an older post, but curious what lens you were using for that shot with the flare? i’m trying more and more to get some good flare going but all these nano coats are defeating me!

Ryan Brenizer - Pretty sure that was the Sigma 24mm f/1.8. It flares.