Photos of the Day: A Proposal in the Park


I hope you guys all had a great Valentine’s Day weekend. Maybe some of you got engaged (hint, hint). I know one of my readers did, at least, because I was there.

Specifically, I was there in full ninja-mode, waiting on Central Park’s Bow Bridge, pretending to be one of the countless enthusiast photographers wandering around, most of my gear hidden off to the side. When Chris and Chauntey, visiting New York from Missouri, walked by, I kept an eye on them, waiting for him to drop to one knee as I surreptitiously took pictures. Which he did:


Happily for all, she said yes! Luckily pretty much nothing distracts a woman at this time, so I got to wander around and take pictures of the moment without freaking her out.


Then Chris introduced me, explaining why some random guy in the park was taking photos of them. I let Chauntey gather herself, and then we had fun in the park taking some portraits.


Congratulations, guys!

Dennis Pike - Ryan, these are exceptional, I’m really impressed. The shot of just her face, with, I believe his gloved hand on her face may be my favorite photo of yours I’ve ever seen. It’s just dripping with raw emotion. really great work

Nicolle - those are so sweet! great job ryan!

Sam - the bokeh in many of the shots looks strange to me…may i ask which lenses used?

btw those silhouette type shots are INCREDIBLE.

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks!

@Sam: 24mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.2, 135mm f/2

Hilary - Wow! These are awesome!! I agree with Dennis. I love that photo of just her face.

Chris Lin - The silhouettes at the top of the post rock. The atmospheric effects in the left one at the bottom are intriguing…

apj - The halo’d sun is fantastic.

Michael Rork - Tears, in my eyes, at how beautiful this is and remembering when I proposed to my wife and how happy we were.

Nicole Currie - These are fantastic! They are very touching, great job!

Rachel Perry - Wow! I love the first two images so much!

Sam - gracious!

Diane - Love your photos as usual! Just curious — you listed 50mm f/1.2 as one of your lenses. Are you shooting Canon now, or is it just a typo?

charlene - these pictures are awesome!!! congrats

Nathan - Chris has inspired me! Congrats to them, and great photos Ryan.

Gemma Schipani - I love that there are men out there who want hire a photographer to capture this moment! I’m excited because I have been asked to shoot a proposal next month! I have been inspired by this beautiful set. You are truly a master of light.

almostinfamous - awesome! i think it’s quite cool they got a 22degree halo on this occasion :)

Jason - Wow what an amazing moment to be a part of. Great job, love this post.