Photo of the Day: “You SAID ‘Swing Your Partner…'”

One of the questions I got on formspring was “How do you get people to do such crazy things at your weddings?”

I don’t.

I don’t think my clients are much crazier than average (well, some of them are, and they know it). For example, this shot was taken at a wedding that had very little dancing at all. Capturing moments comes in three parts. 1) Learning human behavior enough to anticipate them. 2) Learning your equipment enough to take well-exposed (and hopefully well-composed) shots without thinking first, and 3) learning to be unobtrusive enough that people won’t become shy around you. Even though most of the guests were just enjoying great conversation, I knew these guys were going to get crazy, and they did.

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: “You SAID ‘Swing Your Partner…'””

  1. I agree. You just seem to ‘know’ when a good shot is gonna happen and if you’re ready for it then that’s great. I love the reactions from brides and grooms when they see shots like this and never even saw it happen!

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