Photo of the Day: OUCH?

I used to be able to do this; no joke. And my adductor is healing nicely, so I should be able to do it again soon.

Always stretch before you boogie.

Bethany - I can do that if I spend several weeks getting limbered up. However, it’s a *really* bad idea to do this when you’ve been drinking. :D

Ryan Brenizer - Heh, you’re telling me.

Jennifer Kitrosser - Ouch…I don’t think I want to be able to do this!

Jerry Carita - More like “I used to be able to do this and then I danced with Jerry at a Fordham event..”

Bruce Toombs - I’m a huge fan of your photography – and I have to ask: was this guy able to stand up again? It looks almost like a battlefield photo. You sure the Bride hadn’t just shot him?

Courtney - I can do this! Very easily actually. I’m still 23 so we’ll see how long it lasts! lol Love your work. Everything is very inspiring and romantic.