Photo of the Day: Office Space Rock Stars

100206-160909 35.0 mm f_1.jpg

I’ll have a full write-up of my workshop later today, but here’s a teaser image from it. One of my mantras that I shared with the group is to keep pushing yourself until there is a decent possibility you might fail — if all of your shots are pretty good, you’re not expanding yourself. (Of course, this has to be at times where you are safe to fail on a few frames. The first kiss is probably not the best place for it).

So I let the group watch as I decided to give myself a challenge: I would find the most boring, ugly place around and take photos right there. So I found a featureless office hallway with the ugliest green fluorescent lighting you’ve ever seen. The only thing it had going for it was the natural perspective of a hallway. So I took my awesome couple and sat them down, so that we could see that perspective better, and I lit them with a very warm, tungsten video light. With white balance correction, that turned the ambient from a horrible puke-green to a kind of funky and cool deep turquoise, a nice contrast to her red shirt, and of course this is kind of a funky couple.

jenny - LOVE IT!

scott neumyer - LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Avira - Do I wait for a video release of your workshop… or am I waiting in vain?!

StacEy H - I like that you posted the behind the scenes photos from this session on your FB. It’s neat to see how it was done! I love the contrasting lighting :)

Alen Abdula - Great shot for such a awful hallway location! :)

Ryan Brenizer - @Avira: This workshop was not comprehensively videotaped, but we are going to have some nicely produced instructional
videos soon!

Donna - @Ryan – just saw your comment re: instructional video, Ryan. Please feel free to ignore my earlier email! :)

John - we all know who the rock star is, Ryan…

Phil - This is awesome. Great pic man.