Photo of the Day: Moment of Seclusion


A quick portrait before the ceremony of Emily and Myles, in the beautiful St James the Less Church in Scarsdale.

Daniel Stark - love the light–great capture!

Peter Gibbons - That is a freakin’ fantastic shot. Super interesting lighting. Perfect exposure and detail on the bride/groom. I bet they’re extremely thrilled with it – that is one of a kind.

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks!

Becca Dilley - That is lovely! The light is fantastic, and then I love the play of colors with the red flowers reflecting the red wood pews. Totally awesome.

Steve - The light is so nice here, but what I really love is the composition of the photo!

Angelo Baizas - Ryan, I’m guessing the strobe is to the right of the groom based on the shadows on the floor ? And perhaps fill coming in from a wall about 10 o’clock of the groom ?