Photo of the Day: Launched into Marriage

Ryan Brenizer Photography

God I love the Horah. But they should probably develop some specific chairs for it. Lightweight with a good base that you won’t feel like you’re falling out of. Maybe velcro. Or a seat-belt.

Clearly I’ve found my first wedding product to sell. Who needs actions when you can sell chairs?

Jolene Oldham - But think of all the ‘falling off chairs during the horah’ shots you’ll miss!

Doug Robertson - I had never thought of the ramification of a misheld folding chair in this situation. How awkward.

Brittany West - HAHA. This is amazing!

Gemma Schipani - Classic look of terror! And if you did invent some perfect chair you would miss out on shots like this. So don’t!

Teresa K - Wow, that is a folding chair. Surely it’s not safe!! But hey, if dangerous chairs = these kind of kick ass images, I say don’t change a thing!