Photo of the Day: Into the Sunset

090903-191341 50 mm.jpg

When life hands you sunsets like this, you use them.

The first full-day Ryan Brenizer photography workshop starts tomorrow! All full up, but dispatches and more dates to come!

  • Thomas Lester

    Oh, how I miss living in NYC…

  • Alvin Banzuela

    Very nice, I love the mixture of urban setting and sunset, I usually see sunsets on the beach only…. I miss the days of multiple images posted, are those ever coming back?

  • Eliza Claire

    Every time I look at your images of New York, I get a little more excited about my trip in June! This is stunning.

  • Kristi Wright

    What a beautiful image. It definitely makes me miss NYC.

  • Takahiro Yamazaki

    so romantic^^