Photo of the Day: Hold Tight


A tender hold during Emily and Myles’s first dance. Myles has these incredible hands. Thank you for responding to my telepathy and putting them in the perfect position.

Damian Brown - Saw this on DWF and loved it there.. nice one.

Ben Godkin - Lovely shot Ryan. Love the symmetry…

Daniel Stark - great catch!

brett maxwell - perfection. and I love the choice of a square crop.

Sawyer - wow!

Paul Von Rieter - Awesome shot dude. I love your B&Ws.

Kirsten - LOVE this!! And I love the bw treatment…I might have been tempted to brighten it even more (I’ve noticed I do that lately, almost overexpose my BW images). But so glad it’s dark & moody, it fits the subject well in this case.

Steve - I really like this, Ryan! His hands are composed so perfectly.

Teresa K - It tells a great story…she looks so tiny and fragile in his hands.

Erin - this is one of my favorite wedding images ever.

Mark Q - This one image conveys so much. Great capture mate!!

Eric Kotara: Downtown Imagery - Love the texture and contrast. Great shot!!!