Photo of the Day: Fabulous, if Freezing

2010-02-19 17-06-16.jpg

As I teach in my classes, there is nothing new about the idea of compositing images so multiple subjects can be perfectly lit — it’s pretty much the standard in big ad campaigns, editorial shoots, you name it. But the important thing for a wedding day that will let you do it FAST. And that premium increases when you have a bridal party standing in a New York February. This took less than three minutes to shoot.

brett maxwell - I’m sure they appreciate the accent on the shoes :)

Kyle - What did you light them with Ryan? I tried to do this with a speedlight and just ended up with shadows all over the place that made the picture look weird. They look so good!

carla - i think he’s got something up on a pole, camera right

David Porter - 3 minutes? That’s pretty cool.

My wild guess is the WB was set to fluorescent (bringing out the blue sky more), and 2 photos used to make the composite. One with a soft box / shoot though umbrella over the bride and a 2nd shot using the same lights but over the bridesmaids.

Just my $0.02. (How’d I do?) :-)

Ryan Brenizer - Carla’s right — three flashes in my Sledgehammer of Light, shooting through an umbrella. Two frames, the shoes are lit my the same light on the bridesmaids faces.

Eliza Claire - Love this! And I’m happy because I guessed the light correctly (the light on the shoes had me confused for a minute though!)

Lucian Lewis - Amazing shot. I like the way you lit up bridesmaids’ shoes.

Heather Parker - I really adore the lighting in this shot. Great work.

Rima - I love your work. Period. You’ve inspired me to push my boundaries, this image is just a classic example of that. And thanks for the blog love..I was a lil star struck!!

matt shumate - You’re the man, Ryan. This is great.

My new mantra while shooting…