Five-page feature on me in What Digital Camera magazine!

Screen shot 2010-02-22 at 3.23.02 PM.jpg

I feel incredibly honored to have a five-page spread featured on my work and photographic history in the magazine What Digital Camera. The spread was in the August 2009 issue, but since it primarily sells overseas I didn’t see it until now! There is an extensive look at the gear I use and a nice interview to show where I come from and where I’m heading.

Of course, as you’ll be able to see from the gear listings on the sample photos, my equipment keeps changing as I try new ways to capture photos the way I want. That means there are some new additions since the article (such as the D3s, 50mm f/1.2, 35mm f/1.8 and 24mm f/1.8) and of course a bit of gear that was swallowed by the angry god of the sea in Puerto Rico.

You can click on any of the spreads below for a larger, readable version!

Also thanks to Timothy Herzog for taking the photo of me with my kit.


Kirsten - In case it wasn’t 100% clear before that you are a rock star photographer…I think this just sealed the deal.

Gemma Schipani - Very Nice! That must be a great feeling getting featured in a magazine! You fully deserve the limelight because dam do you work hard for it!

Chris Lin - Nice, congrats! Chuckling at the “Wedded Bliss” being listed simply as 85mm f/1.4.

Jolene Oldham - That’s so great! Congrats!

Ryan Brenizer - @Chris: Probably too hard to explain what’s actually going on.

Lori - Awesome!!!! Definitely some great stuff!!!

Ben Godkin - Well deserved! Congrats!

Paul Rowland - Awesome stuff dude–congratulations!

Maria Landaverde - congratulations, Ryan! you deserve it!

brett maxwell - great article! the equipment turnover is sad but funny.

Kyle - Fantastic article, Ryan. Maybe there are no rockstar photographers, but you certainly rock.

Sorry, that was horrifically cheesy. I can’t help myself sometimes.

Larry C - Congrats! Great article.

Kirsten - Oh yes – I know…just poking fun at the ongoing joke in our community! The term “rock star photographer” has always made me chuckle & is very subjective. If there was such a thing, I’d think having this kind of feature might qualify you ;-)

Lana - Awesome! Good for you Ryan, very well deserved.

Lydia - Congrats, Ryan! Great article and wonderful photos, of course.

Az - this is brilliant, can’t wait to get my copy.

François - Félécitations!

Jason - That’s really cool, not just published, but PUBLISHED!!! Love the “lake lady” shot too :o)

Rochelle - :o) I am so proud of you!

Jules Siegel - Totally impressed!

Oliver Collinge - Ryan – congrats on the article. It goes without saying the praise is well deserved.

I’m interested in why you favour the Sigma 50 1.4 over the Nikon equivalent. Would you be kind enough to shed some light on this? I have some issues with the Nikon 50 1.4 (AF and ghosting) and would happily switch to Sigma if this is a more reliable option.

Dee - Great article.. Love it :)

craig john - Loved your last comment about “feeling slightly embarrassed about your past work, and striving to go forward”. I couldn’t agree more.

Mark - Yep the comment “Overall, though, my goal is to always be slightly embarrassed by my past work.” completely resonates with me also. In fact, I now have it printed and stuck to the bottom of my computer screen.

Daniel Krieger - Hey man that’s so awesome congrats!

Al Power - Congrats on the article! Thanks so much for providing it here to read – really inspiring!

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