Engagement: Emily and Myles

I just shot these photos yesterday, and I knew I wanted to get some samples out right away, partly because I’ve been excited to shoot this awesome couple since I met them at Stephanie and Wade’s wedding, partly because the geek in me was excited to test my rental copy of the new 70-200mm f/2.8G VRII, and partially because I’m shooting their wedding tomorrow!

Yes, as I tell couples, any time between 18 months and 18 hours before the wedding can work for engagement shoot, and since Myles, a coach for the Edmonton Oilers, had been spending this past year working up there, we decided to play in the cold-but-not-Siberian-cold environment of New York in February. And we had a wonderful time. If anyone wants tips on how to make sure they can bring out passion in front of a camera, try spending most of the previous year away from your fiancée in a place with cold spells almost eighty degrees below zero.


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26 thoughts on “Engagement: Emily and Myles”

  1. I love these photos they are real people and you can see the really love each other. I must remember to get the hands in my photos it looks great. cant wait to see the wedding photos

  2. as always … perfect and lovely photos, Ryan!
    You can feel the warmth and love between them … great!

  3. Dam I love your reflections & shadows! Any session/wedding set from you is not complete without them. You seem to be able to bring out the ‘passion’ in all your brides & grooms, I bet because they know how amazing the results will be!

  4. Great captures as always. Will prob ask for you to shoot me and my family soon in Central Park too. Ever shoot twins in central pk?!

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