Monthly Archives: February 2010

(Story) of the Day: Moments, My Dad, and Me

An interesting thing happened the other day. I was on a forum where wedding photographers were talking about their favorite images from their own weddings. The vast majority of these were cute, quirky moments that captured the personality of beloved friends and families, not the amazing portraiture that we photographers tend to focus so much […]

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Next Workshop! April 16-17th, 2010

Our first workshop was a huge success (you can read reviews here), and so we’re going to get one more done before the season starts in earnest. This will be the last weekend workshop I’ll be able to offer for a loooooong time. It would be great if life were always fabulous, if the light […]

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Photo of the Day: “You SAID ‘Swing Your Partner…'”

One of the questions I got on formspring was “How do you get people to do such crazy things at your weddings?” I don’t. I don’t think my clients are much crazier than average (well, some of them are, and they know it). For example, this shot was taken at a wedding that had very […]

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