Photo of the Day: Through the Veil


Remember Timoria and Bob? What a great couple, and a fantastic wedding.

I hate back-tracking. If I miss an exit, I’ll probably look for the best route forward, 10 miles out of the way, instead of just turning back. And so it is with equipment. I just don’t like the idea of replacing a broken lens with the same darned lens. Lenses are tools, and they all give us their own unique way to see, so why not try new things? The 24-70 broke again? Fine. Sure, it’s maybe the best, most useful lenses ever made, but that can also make it boring if you’re not careful. Let’s try some new ways of seeing. Wider, longer, faster. The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 broke? Ouch, that one hurt. Not only did I love the thing, but I got one of the very first copies ever on American soil. I literally picked it up at the warehouse for the first shipment (a post-apocalyptic place in East Williamsburg).

So instead of new, let’s go old. My new, old way of seeing is the Nikon 50mm f/1.2. It’s a manual focus lens, but I’ve always liked working with it (the photo above was taken with my assistant’s 50mm f/1.2). I’m always either shooting or looking for the next shot at a wedding, and putting that tricky beast means a little more looking, a little more breathing, with rewarding results.

Plus, as a quick tip, you can always buy great lenses used and not feel bad about the price, since you can sell them to someone else for the same cost. Unless, of course, I break it. There’s about even odds for that.

Barbu - I feel for you… I’ve seen so many broken 24-70 (only from Nikon, not Sigma or Canon) that I started to believe that it’s either jinxed :) …or it’s simply a great optic piece but with poor mechanics.
Only 18-105VR seems to be worse, but only to a point; the average check for repairing a 24-70 is ~$1000, most of the time for the interior cammed barrel or the entire optic block; for 18-105 is only a matter of reconnecting the outer rear barrel.
I suppose the Sigma 50 was just an innocent bystander.

Zack - This lens is another thing pulling me ever so slowly towards the world of Nikon. #haitirelief

Sweet Caroline Photo - Gorgeous dawling!

Thomas Lester - I think you break more gear than anyone I know. Great shot, though!

Rob G - I was able to pick up a 50mm 1.2 AIS off of craigslist a few months back. I cant believe how awesome of a lens that it is. It turns almost everything to mush and makes for a killer shot!

The best part about the lens, It was only $250. The guy didn’t know what he had I can assume. it came in the box and didn’t even appear to have been used!


Brian - Absolutely stunning!

Julie - God, what a stunning portrait. Even more impressive on manual focus!

Mark - Hello Ryan – i think you should also own the “bokeh king” in the Nikon lineup: the 58mm f1.2 Nokton (9 Blade Version) Ais even better Bokeh then a canon 85mm f1.2 :) and a lot of contrast even wide open