Bonus Photo of the Day: Goddess Ascending

100113-213807-24 mm.jpg

I’ll try and get up as much new content this week as I can. Here was a photo I took in my recent foray to Nashville, with fellow photographer Lynn Michelle as the model. I bought a Lastolite Triflash to hold three SB-900 flashes at once. Usually people just use this to pur a giant amount of light on in one direction, but here I used it from behind her to send two beams of light out to the sides and one back toward me, making the light fill and shape the area.

cyndy - amazing…i just love your wedding stuff!


Peter Caty - Epic lighting! That’s an elevator right? #haitirelief

Martin - Thanks! #haitirelief

Julie (Okami) - What a great offer! BTW I love your photos. #haitirelief

Ben Frank from I Ate That! - this is a beautiful shot. when were you in nashville?

Ben Frank from I Ate That! - crap, i forgot to tag it with #haitirelief

Ruth - Love the shine… great stuff! Wall of light here you come! #haitirelief

Kat - Love the lighting, the dress. Stunning! #haitirelief

John W. MacDonald - Ryan Brenizer, you’re my hero. #haitirelief

Lynn Michelle - You’ve got me blushing at the title. #haitirelief

Doug Robertson - Cool shot, the caption in my head says – I’m all dressed up and HE’S making ME wait!


Dennis Pike - you’re going to be giving out a lot of money… great shot. #haitirelief

Greg - Fantastic shot… I’ll have to look into that Lastolite Triflash mount. Also, interesting pattern on a wedding dress. Pretty bold! #haitirelief

Robert Kilmer - Aaaaah… the elevator shot. That is SO Ryan Brinizer. #haitirelief

Kyle - This is so amazing.

What is lighting her from the front? Sorry to be so annoying and ask constant questions, but I can’t come to the workshop, unless someone wants to fund a plane ticket from Chile, and your lighting always confounds me.

Stefan - Wow, Yet another great shot and interesting use of the Triflash mount.

Kat Schooley - great lighting – you make that elevator look nice enough to live in! #haitirelief

Patrick - nice shot. love your blog, and am here to support the cause: #haitirelief

Donald Rogers - another unbelievable shot Ryan!! Your work is truly inspiring

Donald Rogers - another unbelievable shot Ryan!! Your work is truly inspiring #haitirelief

Sweet Caroline Photo - Hey that’s a photo! and it’s awesome!

Ricardo Cordeiro - You have one of the most interesting wedding work I’ve seen. Great initiative. #haitirelief

Will - Great shot! Spectacular lighting! #haitirelief

Natalie - Ah – she looks like an old world movie star…beautiful #haitirelief

Lori - Great photo, and thanks for donating your money for such a great cause – #haitirelief

KC - another great photo . #haitirelief

Kirsten - And here I thought we, as photographers, made horrible models. I guess that’s just me. This is awesome Ryan, especially your lighting technique for this one!!

Alex - Great shot Ryan! #haitirelief

Karsten - Love the low lights! Beautiful capture!

David Porter - Nice effect! #haitirelief

apj - Great take on Venus rising. Well done.

iloominimages - Great shot Ryan!

Susana Hernandez - nice #haitirelief

Amberlee - Amazing! #haitirelief

Dee - What a creative way to use the Triflash…Nice effect… #haitirelief

Esther - damn, that is one helluva dress, and of course, fabulous shot! #haitirelief

pilar - you rock! #haitirelief

Erin - looks great and loving the effect from the flashes!

Dan Collett - Love that lastolite Triflash #haitirelief

Sawyer - This is great! Hey, that is a photo! #haitirelief

Nicolle - this is gorgeous!!! i really hope you get 2500 comments because that would be amazing! #haitirelief

Jim Orr - Awesome #Haitirelief

Lana - I love this photo Ryan.. so incredible! #haitirelief

Mandisa - Gorgeous!!! #haitirelief

Benson - One of the most amazing photos in a while. This should be in the cover of a magazine!

silverstar - a really different pose for a wedding shot but i like it :O)

Flavia - I love your wedding photos! There are the kind of pictures that are NOT a torture when the bride and groom want´s you to see then all.
In a million years, when I get married, I want to fly you here to take my pictures. R U planning a trip to Argentina? :) “#haitirelief”

Kirsten Chambers - You are an incredible artist! I follow you on flickr, and am amazed by your work every day. The lighting on this is truly amazing! #haitirelief