Feeling Festive

Ryan Brenizer Photography

I think Stephanie looks awfully noble here. Lit by a low-powered Lowell ID in my left hand.

I did the first of three portrait shoots I have lined up to test the capabilities of the new Nikon D3s, and it was so much fun to work with Stephanie again! You may remember her from my initial tests of the D3.

I knew the D3s had done its job when she picked out her favorites today. She just cares about the image, not the technical aspects — and one of the choices was taken at ISO 12,800! That, and many more, to come.

Quick tests with the D3s

I just got the Nikon D3s in today — a camera that, frankly, is a little scary in its lowlight abilities. I have two shoots lined up on Sunday, and should be able to give a fuller review next week, but here are a couple teasers. First, here is a test shot that, while not high art, is better than a brick wall. It was taken at 1/20th, f/1.4, ISO 12,800, which makes it about 1/50th of candlelight. This wasn’t taken at twilight — that sky was as black as it ever gets in NYC.


As I was shooting, I was stopped by a friendly guy named Luis, who has apparently been following my work for years! So, of course, I had to grab a video:

Much, much more to come.