Kristy and Mike: 10.11.09

Kristy and Mike were married at the gorgeous Belhurst Castle on the Finger Lakes. On my way out, I told a friend from Syracuse that I was shooting there, and she yelled “Shut UP!” Elaine-from-Seinfeld style. And deservedly so. The entire region is beautiful, especially during peak foliage season.

But don’t let the castle fool you — Kristy and Mike are as down-to-earth and cool as anyone around. Don’t believe me? Check out the Many Faces of Kristy on my Facebook page. One glance and you’ll see how much fun I had with this couple.

We also followed up the day with a separate day-after session, and you can see samples from that here.





No grooms were harmed in the making of this photo:


091011-211615-24 mm.jpg







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Daniel Stark - great set,dude!! looking forward to your workshop!

Gemma Schipani - So many beautiful moments in that slideshow! Lots of emotion and genuine reactions. The venue shot is just magical – thats worthy of a big a** canvas!

Joel - that chic in that last photo is really go at that dood, grind it!


Erin - The stars above the place where I imagine the reception was held is BEAUTIFUL. I love sky photos. #haitirelief

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