Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!

I had a great time last night seeing Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Highline Ballroom with my friend and fellow photographer Rachel Kemble. I’ve always loved swing music — especially since, while having absolutely no talent for musical performance, I love to dance. We picked up some press passes from the staff, and I had fun shooting a lot of video with the Nikon D3s. I’ll cut it together properly after Christmas, but here’s a quick clip. I’m pretty impressed by the sound on the D3, since this was all with the built-in mic.

While I shot mostly video, of course I took a few photos. After the show the band had me set up a quick group shot. I had no flash and the stage was being broken down so I couldn’t use the stage lights as a backdrop, but figured the festive lights were a good accent for the end of their holiday tour.

091220-183659 50.0 mm f_1.jpg
Rachel, shooting away
091220-203121 135.0 mm f_2.jpg
091220-202939 135.0 mm f_2.jpg
091220-211544 24.0 mm f_2.jpg
091220-221838 24.0 mm f_2.jpg

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