Anna and Tom: 10.24.09

Anna and Thomas were kind enough to plan their wedding at the All Souls Unitarian Church on the Upper East Side, about 500 feet from my studio, and they had the foresight to plan it long before I moved there! Actually, we met way back when I was still working as a photographer for Columbia University, where Thomas researches. Anna is a Harvard alum, and the erudition showed — this was the first and only time I have ever seen a couple’s shared love of yeast research mentioned in several speeches. (Anna’s father perhaps said it best, noting his personal love of yeast and the wonderful things it gives us, including bread and beer.)

The reception was at the gorgeous Metropolitain Building at Long Island City — a location so fantastic and wonderful that we came back there again a few days later for another shoot! (You can see samples from that shoot on my Facebook page). Clearly, I couldn’t get enough of either the space or these two.

091024-144439-24 mm.jpg
091024-163941-85 mm.jpg
091024-173111-135 mm.jpg
091024-174311-26 mm_1.jpg
091024-190705-35 mm.jpg
091024-204756-35 mm.jpg
091024-212556-35 mm.jpg
091024-213752-35 mm.jpg
091024-215247-29 mm.jpg
091024-224542-85 mm.jpg
091024-214813-26 mm.jpg

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Wedding: Lauren and Jeff

Lauren and Jeff had a Halloween wedding, but not because of any special desire for a Frankenstein-themed wedding; they met on Halloween night years before, at a bar that neither of them normally went to. So there were no tricks but plenty of treats — and not just the giant table of candy, making sure the kids (and adults) at the wedding didn’t miss out on an annual opportunity to sate their sweet tooth. The reception was at the stately Round Hill House in Washingtonville, NY, and featured not just a live band, but Lauren’s dad stepping in on electric guitar for a number or two. (Not, for obvious reasons, “Your Mama Don’t Dance (And Your Daddy Don’t Rock and Roll)”

Again, as is contractually obligated in 2009, it rained just in time for the ceremony, but with a gorgeous church, great couple, and extremely personable minister, it was hard to notice the trivial details, and it was a great night throughout, as you can see:

091031-180045-24 mm.jpg

091031-132030-35 mm.jpg

091031-130609-85 mm.jpg

091031-145537-135 mm.jpg

091031-162410-32 mm.jpg

091031-205915-135 mm.jpg

091031-180539-26 mm.jpg

091031-215543-135 mm.jpg

091031-215312-24 mm.jpg

091031-214610-24 mm.jpg

091031-222038-24 mm.jpg

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