Stacey and Rick: 9.25.09

Photographing Stacey and Rick’s wedding presented a very welcome challenge — I figured, just for variety’s sake, they might want a few shots where they’re not laughing. Not an easy thing to do with a couple who have as much fun together as these two.

Stacey’s design expertise showed through with a lot of DIY elements, including the wedding’s very own logo, repeated over and over. My favorite bit was the immaculately designed time sheet, which descried how many drinks people should have to be comfortable for the photos but to also avoid ruddiness. Now *that’s* precision.

This was the first wedding I did at the Liberty House in New Jersey (which has some of the best views of Manhattan anywhere) where the ceremony didn’t get rained out! Stacey knew my history there, and made me promise that the third time would be a charm. As you can see, it was, as the weather couldn’t have been better.

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